Freiheit, TX originated in 1891 as the San Geronimo School community. The school, named for a nearby creek, was on land donated by Henry A. Rose and served the blacklands farming area 3½ miles northeast of New Braunfels. In 1906 a store opened near the school at the intersection of Eberling Lane and Prairie Lea Road. In 1910 Alonzo Nolte, owner of the store, organized the Freiheit Bowling Club, which lent its name to the crossroads community. The crossroads on Farm Road 1101 leading to New Braunfels Municipal Airport is still known as Freiheit (German for “freedom”). Freiheit Village is now one of the fastest  growing areas of New Braunfels. 


One of Freiheit Villages’ most attractive features is its inviting park area, located in the Villages Main Plaza area, the park features over half an acre of artificial turf for activities, natural limestone seating, and wonderfully soothing water features.

The Park Plaza

One of the most inviting features is the park plaza area, located in the village’s main plaza area. The park features over half an acre of artificial turf for activities. There are sooting water features and natural limestone seating, as well as a beautifully crafted gazebo. 

If you want to be proactive about your health.  Freiheit Village has many different options for physical health and promoting a healthy lifestyle; as well as different options for self-care.  Challenge yourself with 45-minute cardio and strength workout, detox your body with infrared heat during your workout session, or cycle your way to pedal burning, heart pumping, mood elevating beats.

Live & Stay

Make your stay at Freiheit Village an extended one when you book a room at the Homewood Suites by Hilton. The Village is the perfect oasis for any Hill Country adventure and offers all the comforts of home. It’s also possible to live in the lap of luxury by leasing a spot at Creekside Vue apartments.

Food & Drink

At the heart of Freiheit Village is the food and drinks that brings our community together. Our restaurants and bars offer a diverse mix of options. The Village has something for everyone’s palate and our dining experience is growing all the time. Stay connected as we grow and evolve.

"Great area to eat, shop, workout, drink, or get married!
This is the spot to be if you’re in New Braunfels!"
Johnny Martinez